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Columbia Sports Bars

Bengals Bar & Grill 227 S. 6th St, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB)
Buffalo Wild Wings 505 W. Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203 (Map) (FB) (R)
Campus Bar & Grill 304 S. 9th St, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB) (R)
The Fieldhouse 1107 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (R)
Harpo's 29 S. 10th St, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB) (R)
Shiloh Bar and Grill 402 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB) (R)
SportsZone 2200 I-70 Drive SW, Columbia, MO 65203 (Map) (R)
Stadium Grill 1219 Fellows Pl, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB) (R)
Truman's Bar 3304 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203 (Map) (FB) (R)
Willie's Fieldhouse 1109 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201 (Map) (FB)

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